Control logix system clock programming

Control logix system clock programming

Go to 

Insert into your network

Enter Class Name = Wallclocktime
Enter Attribute Name=Localdatetime

Create new Tag of DI with 7 location DI[7]
DINT[0]                year
DINT[1]                integer representation of the month (1 - 12)
DINT[2]                integer representation of the day (1 - 31)
DINT[3]                hour (0 - 23)
DINT[4]                minute (0 - 59)
DINT[5]                second (0 - 59)
DINT[6]                microseconds (0 - 999,999)

Example for checking hours

RS Logix 5000 Demo Software free Download

RS logix 5000 used to program Rockwell Automat ion Control Logix PLC System

Download Details

1,Sign up at rockwell Automation website
2,Login with your username and password
3,Go to Rockwell Automation Demo download page
4,Unzip the folder to your hard drive
5,During Installation enter zeros in installation key column

RS Logix 5000 ready to use for 90 days....

Enable SQL authentication in SQL Server


 If u installed SQL Server with Window authentication and decided to change authentication method to SQL authentication or both.


Sql Server 2005,2008


1,Connect SQL Server by Windows Authentication method
2,On Object Explorer Click Security

3,Right Click on Login click new login
4,Enter Username & password

5,User Creation done,Enable SQL Authentication by Right click on SQL Instance

6,Select Security tab and select SQL Server and Windows authentication mode

7,Restart SQL Server service or restart computer to take effect

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