Android app development SDK Installation Tutorial

Follow these steps

1,Download Java sdk JDK  Download JDK and Install it

2,Download Android SDK from here and Install it

3,Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from here and Install it

4,Shortcut eclipse file to your desktop and run as Administrator

5,Go to help >Install new Software >Add

In Add Repository box Enter Name &
Enter link as and click ok

6,Select all and Import

7,In eclipse >windows>preference>Android> Copy the Android SDK location

8,Link Android Emulator by click on Android virtual device manager

9,Add new Emulator by giving name and select Android version  >Create AVD

10,Link your project to emulator by using

Run>Run Configuration>Android Application >Click new select your project and emulator and click ok

How to run batch file in Minimized

If u run batchfile for some purpose very often,It's quite a bit annoying to run in maximize mode

Follow these steps to run batch file in Minimized

1,Make short cut to batchfile

2,Right click on Shortcut and Properties

3,Under Shortcut tab Chenge Run to Normal window to minimized

4,In your program instead of calling ".bat" call ".lnk"

----------- .lnk is the shoortcut extension ------------------

How to download restricted photos from Flickr

In Flickr, if you download protected photos It will save as spaceball image so use this trick to download.

1,Open the Flickr Picture in Mozilla Firefox or chrome
2,Click Tools and Select Page Info or Page source
3,Search for "Jpg"
4,Copy the link and paste into browser
5,Click SaveAS and SAVE the Image

How to Insert Html or XML code in blogger

Simple bits will convert HTML or XML code into post body code

1,Copy the code you want to convert

2,Paste into Enter Markup

3,Click Process

4,Copy the Modified code and paste into your content body

Using app.config file in C# Visual Studio

If  would like to read some value from app.config file follow these steps.

1,Add System Configuration namespace to reference

Otherwise you will get 'ConfigurationManager' does not exist error

2,Import name space

using System.Configuration

3,Read String from config file


4,Sample App.config file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <add name="SqlConnectionString" 
connectionString="Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS;Initial 
Catalog=library;Integrated Security=True;" />


Using Timer in C#

1,Drag & drop timer from Visual Studio tool box

2,To start timer
3,To Stop Timer
4,Timer Tick event (Executes every second if timer started) 

private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)

5,To count down using Timer

private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
label3.Text = (Convert.ToInt32(label3.Text) - 1).ToString();

Easy way to handle combo box in C#

1,Drag & drop Combo box in form in visual studio
2,Assign list like below picture

3,Assign default value in Combo box when form load

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            comboBox1.SelectedIndex = 0;

4,Double click on combo box will show SelectedIndexChanged event,Use Switch command to write your different event code.

private void comboBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            switch (comboBox1.SelectedIndex){

                case 0: shutdown = "-s"; break;
                case 1: shutdown = "-r"; break;
                case 2: shutdown = "-l"; break;


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